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Get dedicated help for your college admissions, by students and alumni from leading universities around the world.
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Discover an ideal career path

We work with you 1-to- 1 to know you and suggest you the career path best-suited for you.

  • Knowing your interests and motivation
  • Assessing your ability and aptitude
  • Suggesting potential career paths
  • Discussing the pros and cons for each
  • Guiding you for the selected career path

Prepare for entrance exams

We personally guide you to score great in GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and ACT.

  • Conducting diagnostic tests
  • Creating action plan and suggesting materials
  • Tracking progress via regular assessments
  • Explaining diff. concepts and doubt-solving
  • Regular follow-ups and counselling

Shortlist the right colleges

We assess your journey till date and recommend you the colleges where you will do great.

  • Understanding your background
  • Knowing your objectives and interests
  • Recommending colleges fit for you
  • Discussing the pros and cons for each
  • Helping with info on selected colleges

Write your college applications

We help summarize your life experiences and goals to create a winning application.

  • Documenting your life journey till date
  • Summarizing the same into various heads
  • Creating a draft application
  • Refining the same via multiple edits
  • Applying to 5 colleges of your choice

Get post-acceptance help

We help you get settled in your desired college, once you get your acceptance letter.

  • Helping you with the visa formalities
  • Finding you the right accommodation
  • Connecting you with students nearby
  • Following-up regularly for first 3 months
  • Providing help and support, when needed



Experienced Coaches

Our coaches are college seniors and alumni from leading universities around the world, who have been-there- done-that.


Quality Guidance

Our guidance is based on facts, with your interest in mind. We don’t charge and represent colleges. We represent you.


Ease of Use

Our online platform allows you to communicate with our coaches anytime, anywhere; while ensuring your privacy.

Student Testinomials

Eazy Coach helped me in shortlisting colleges in the UK and also helped me with my applications to those colleges through their online platform.
I was guided for my SAT test by a Harvard graduate. He guided me in writing the perfect SOP for my applications to the colleges in the USA.
I secured $120,000 scholarship at one of the top universities in the USA for my undergrads, with the help of EazyCoach mentor, Mark Hoadley.


Who should subscribe for the services?

A star student, who is aware that when it comes to admissions, there are no guarantees. A student who has faced challenges such as failed classes, suspensions or low numbers, but is willing to fight it and beat all odds. Or, anyone who want to get into their dream college, and knows that hard work is the only solution.

When should I reach out?

While your career path should be determined atleast a year before your applications, you should ideally keep between 4 months to 25 days for your entrance preparations. With respect to your applications, we recommend reaching out to us 3 months to 5 days prior to your deadlines. The earlier you start working with us, the easier it will be to reach your dream college.

How will I receive the guidance?

On selecting any of our guidance packages, we would pair you up with a coach best-fit to guide you. You will be able to chat, exchange files and get on a video call with him/her anytime, anywhere, as per your mutual convenience. We strive to use technology, to get the best brains from around the world to help you succeed, while maintaining the personal touch.

Do you guarantee admissions?

No. We are not a commission agent for colleges, pushing you towards any random one which pays us. However, what we do guarantee is that with us, you will get your best shot. All our students till date, have been able to crack their desired college, with many getting amazing scholarships.

Let us help you figure the right coach, who would work with you 1-on-1 to ensure that you get into your dream college.

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